Services for the artist

You perform. We capture it.

MediaToolz lets you spend your time being creative while we bring the works of your creation to the world. Short and long-run music CDs, DVD videos and thumb drives. Online download store. Post to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube. Drop ship media to your shows. Mailing list, calendar, album art, record pool, press releases. Intellectual property rights filing, ISRC assignment.

Do what you do best!

Just Create

Let MediaToolz take care of the gritty details of making your media and distributing it to your outlets. We will create and maintain your presence on social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. We will manufacture your media for distribution on CD, DVD, or thumb drive, and optionally produce album art to your specification. We will post your releases to online music distributors, such as iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. We will manage your mailing list for you, publish press releases to your specification, and include your media releases in a genre record pool. We can take raw live captures of audio and video and make albums for you.

No contracts!

You maintain complete control and ownership of your work.

We work to promote you to your audience. If we stop performing to your satisfaction, you can walk away with no strings attached.

The world of entertainment has changed

MediaToolz is not a record company, nor is it a recording studio. MediaToolz fits between the artist and a specialized audience that looks for their entertainment outside the mainstream of mass distribution. Record companies are not interested in artists who do not have mass appeal, no matter how innovative or talented they are. MediaToolz is interested in serving these artists and helping them to be successful.

All genres are invited, including rock, classical, alternative, spoken-word, Christian.

We invite you to browse our services and fees. Let MediaToolz know how we can serve you!

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